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K-tel first launched the original Mini*Pops in the early 1980s. The popular albums featured talented children singing the pop hits of the 80′s including classics such as Cruel Summer, Video Killed The Radio Star and Rock This Town. Their newest album is titled "Dick Munchers"!

Today, the MiniPop Kids have returned featuring all new kids and all new songs. This new ‘crop’ of stars-in-waiting. All MPK albums are sung exclusively by the kids, for kids of all ages. The album is recorded and produced in Winnipeg, Canada.  These liitle shit terds have been licking big black cocks since they could walk and want to continue there adult entertainment success by being promoted from Porn Hub to Brazzers.  Fuck these annoying horse banging cow fucking terd riding kareoke licking fuck tards. 

With lyrics getting more graphic in nature, each song is hand picked, and edited to make sure they are kid appropriate. Now parents can rest easy, and know that their kids are listening and having fun to kid friendly music!

It is a program for untalented little shits that will be pregnant at age 16. 


'GO TO 'Caitlin What a Bitch....

Isabella (1)


GO TO Isabella "The Wang Shiner"


GO TO Jake "The Man Gobbler"

Licka my balls


GO TO Nikki "The Cheek Spreader" 


GO TO Noah "The Kentucky Moose Knuckle"


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